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The provincial council posts 7 videos on its social networks about the commonwealth of Catalonia in Girona


Coinciding with the inauguration on Saturday of the exposition, “The Commonwealth of Catalonia in the Province of Girona”, the Provincial Council has produced 7 videos entitled “The Commonwealth of Catalonia in One Minute”. Each video lasts just over 60 seconds and they address different subjects that link the Commonwealth of Catalonia to the counties of Girona. Every day this week a different video is being shown on the social networks of the Provincial Council: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and each one bears the hashtag #mancomunitat.

Yesterday, the video entitled ‘The Creation of the Library Network’ was published. In the video, the Head of the Library Service of the Provincial Council, Carme Renedo, explains the significant role of the Commonwealth of Catalonia as regards the creation of the library network in Girona, in which the libraries in Olot and Figueres were of great importance.

Today, in the video entitled “26,000 agreements in the minutes of an era”, the Head of the General Archive of the Provincial Council, Xon Colomer, explains how Girona Provincial Council processed the minutes of the Commonwealth of Catalonia.

Wednesday will see the projection of the video entitled ‘Agustí Riera, Vice President and Co-founder of the Commonwealth of Catalonia’, in which his grandson, Gabriel Riera, talks about his grandfather who, besides being the President of Girona Provincial Council, played a significant role in the creation of the Commonwealth of Catalonia.

The video ‘Agullana Palace’ will be shown on Thursday, concerning the project for transferring the Provincial Council headquarters to Agullana Palace, a project in which Rafael Masó was involved. However, the project was shelved.

On Friday, ‘The Photography of the Century’ will present two historical photographs taken in Girona with almost one century between them. In both photographs the four presidents of the Catalan governments appear, along with representatives of civil society in Girona and journalists.

On Saturday, a video will be shown entitled ‘A book to explain the Commonwealth of Catalonia from the perspective of the Provincial Council’, by the historian Xavier Carmaniu, explaining the research carried out for the book, which addresses the tasks performed by the Commonwealth of Catalonia in the province of Girona.

The final video in the series will be shown on Sunday, focusing on the the exhibition ‘The Commonwealth of Catalonia in the province of Girona’. The exhibition will have been inaugurated the previous day, on Saturday 20th September in Santa Coloma de Farners, and will tour around the province of Girona.

The campaign is included in the activities organised to commemorate the centenary (1914-1923) of the Commonwealth of Catalonia, an institution which groups together the four Catalan provincial governments and which promotes a wide range of measures for modernising the country.



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